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This greasy mechanic took his sweet time trying to fix my Vette. I really wasn't into in fucking him until he started to talk shit. I had to show him who was in the driver's seat with a blowjob that made his toes curl.

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Okay. It finally happened. My limo driver threatened to tell Daddy what I do. We cant have that -I'll be left with no Cash. So, I bit the bullet and sucked him off. It's the first and last time ill be with him!

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After my work out I called my message boy to give me a rub down. He was cute but thought he was gay so I had to use my charms and attitude to find out for myself. I Sucked his cock and he loved it.

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I was going to a party, My dads partner was coming to pick me up. I had a thing for him since I was a little girl. Finally my chance had come to fulfill my fantasy. He fucked me like a real Champ for an old guy.

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